A very cluttered garage

Take Back Your Garage: Clearing the Clutter

If you're considering upgrading your garage with sleek and functional cabinets, the first step to a seamless installation process is clearing the clutter. Transforming your garage into a clean canvas not only makes the installation easier for professionals but also sets the stage for an organized and efficient space. Here's why decluttering is crucial and how to get started:

1. Create a Spacious Workspace

Garage cabinets require ample space for proper installation. Declutter and remove items from your garage to an open space and provide a clean working area allowing the installation team to work comfortably and access all necessary spots; it’s a good idea to ensure there is a minimum of 8 feet of clear workspace from the wall to avoid obstacles and facilitate the installation process. This will ensure the installers can move fast and efficiently around your garage to install your cabinets on the walls. Many times, installers need to make cutouts to accommodate wall outlets and other features unique to each garage. 

2. Protect Your Belongings

During the installation, your belongings may be temporarily moved or exposed to dust. By clearing out unnecessary items, you reduce the risk of damage or inconvenience. Keep your possessions safe and out of harm's way by temporarily relocating them or renting a temporary storage container such as PODS. This will streamline the process of the installation as well as migrate the items back into the garage to be organized how you see fit. Although We're Organized installations only take a few hours to complete, temporary storage containers will protect any previously stored items from the elements, as work in the garage (such as painting, remodeling, electrical work, etc.) can take time.

3. Visualize Your Ideal Layout

With a clutter-free garage, planning where your new cabinets will go is easier. You can visualize the ideal layout and placement, ensuring the cabinets fit your space perfectly and meet your storage needs. This proactive approach results in a well-organized and aesthetically pleasing outcome. Write down any ideas you may have or may come across to present during your free in-home estimate. Knowing how you want to use your garage and utilize the space will help you find the best fit faster. You will be amazed at the peace of mind an organized, clean-looking garage with garage cabinets will give you daily.

4. Enhance Safety

A cluttered garage can be a safety hazard. By removing obstacles and creating a clean workspace, you minimize the risk of accidents during installation; Safety should always be a priority. Putting away risks like ladders and loose tools and removing defunct, broken cabinetry will help you find comfort in your garage just like in a room inside your house. Now is the time to take back your garage from the clutter built up over time and make it your space!

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