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Color Options
Standard Colors

Melamine is a durable thermoplastic surface much like formica. For easy clean-up choose 100% Melamine cabinets available in four standard shades.

White Melamine

White Melamine

Grey Melamine

Grey Melamine

Almond Melamine

Almond Melamine

Maple Melamine

Maple Melamine

Custom Colors

Custom cabinet colors are an upgrade. Hundreds of cabinet colors and patterns are available. Please ask your designer to see for upgrade pricing.

Cherry Melamine

Cherry Melamine

Grey Melamine

Grey Glace

Almond Melamine

White Glace

Maple Melamine

Congo Spruce

Standard Extrusions
Standard Extrusion
Custom Extrusions

Changing the trim color of a cabinet is an upgrade. This includes power coating raw aluminum to the desired color and changing the T-Molding of the cabinet to match. Ask your designer for upgrade pricing.

White Extrusion

White Extrusions

Silver Extrusion

Silver Extrusions

Almond Extrusion

Almond Extrusions

Tan Extrusion

Tan Extrusions

Red Extrusion

Red Extrusions

Blue Extrusion

Blue Extrusions

Garage cabinet options.

Dream Garage

A cabinet island with down lights to display your racing trophies... a bar where you can bend an elbow with your buddies while you work on your cars. Custom cabinet depths and trim color to match your lift, butcherblock workbench tops, water heater or internal vacuum enclosure and more. Discuss the many design options with your designer. Let "We're Organized" make your garage dreams come true!

14ft. Workbench Set

Got Stuff? The "Organizer" is a great way to store, categorize and pull out items for easy use.To accommodate 18 tubs the “Organizer” is wider than our standard cabinet and has an adjusted shelf configuration. It also comes with double aluminum extrusions on all shelving upping maximum single shelf weight from 150 to 220 pounds.

14ft. Workbench Set

Full Extention, Ball Bearing Drawer Slides

As an option to our standard 3/4-pull roller drawer slide we also offer the "Accu-Ride" ball bearing slide that offers smoother action and allows the drawer to extend completely past the cabinet caseing for easy access to drawer contents.

14ft. Workbench Set

Pull-Out Shelves

Reaching and pulling out those items at the back of a shelf can be a real hassle. Especially when you have to bend over for those bottom shelves! The answer: full extention pull-out shelfs on the "Accu-Ride" ball bearing slide.

Maple Butcher Tops

Solid-Maple Butcherblock Workbench Tops

Do some serious pounding on your workbench? The answer for you could be our 1½ inch thick solid maple butcherblock top. We have delivered and installed these tops in seamless lengths up to 24 feet long.

14ft. Workbench Set

Clothing Rods and
Cedar Cabinet Backs

We all have a coat closet by our front doors, but most of us enter our home through the garage. Hang a jacket or swap out summer/winter wardrobes, just add a clothing rod or optional cedar-back to any of our large cabinets

14ft. Workbench Set

Locks Available

Like to keep the kids out of a cabinet where you store paint or chemicals? We're Organized has key locks available upon request.

Maple Butcher Tops

Hidden Workbench and Drawers

Keep an ongoing project, compontents and tools accessible, but quickly hidden behind cabinet doors. We can put drawers or a work surface and pegboard within our larger CLS or CD cabinet.